The Project



"CAMPUS: CAMPobasso the University for the Students" aims to make more attractive the University system of the City of Campobasso empowering and developing services for the students. The quantitative and qualitative improvement of the training offer is always connected to the capacity of the city to offer integrated services to the students coming from the territory and other realities, eliminating at the same time the obstacles of the improvement of the inclusion and participation processes. An effective reply to this request of services is, for the University of Molise, and so for the city a competitiveness factor at national level.


- MEETINGS BETWEEN STUDENTS AND INSTITUTIONS (CAMPUS care): to increase the meetings between students and institutions with all the project partners, the student associations and the Students Council, also for guarantee the health assistance to the out of town students.

- STUDENTS WEBSITE (CAMPUS 2.0): the creation of a website for the students that describe the services offered by  the CAMPUS project.

- STUDENTS WEBSITE (CAMPUS home): to support the students in looking for an accommodation in Campobasso.

- SPACES AND STRUCTURES (CAMPUS study): to improve the informatics furniture of the Bibliomediateca.

- ACTIONS IN THE TRANSPORT FIELD  (CAMPUS travellers):  to improve the public service of transport in the city.

- ACTIONS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE (CAMPUS for all):  to improve the participation possibilities of the disabled students into the University activities through the empowerment of the services. 

- ACTIONS FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS (CAMPUS world):  to increase the foreign students inclusion through the organisation of social travels with the objective of let them know the local and national interesting cities. 

- STUDY AWARDS (CAMPUS start):  to institute study awards for  deserving students enrolled in the a.y. 2012/2013. 

- SPORT (CAMPUS sport): to organise  a contest of several sports. 

- PROMOTION OF THE ENTREPEUNARIAL  CULTURE (CAMPUS vision):  to realise a training course of  Creative Business.



Comune di Campobasso (Lead Partner)

Università degli Studi del Molise

Regione Molise

Provincia di Campobasso

Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario del Molise

Centro Universitario Sportivo del Molise

Associazione Studentesca UNIDEA



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