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CAMPUS start

The action foresees the distribution of 22 study awards (1 for each course of study) of 500 euro.

The awards are addressed to students that are enrolled in the a.y. 2012/2013, that have not already a degree of the same level and the same duration, that don’t ask the acknowledgement of ECTS in order to reduce the length of the course of study and/or the attendance obligation, exams and/or stage, that are on track to the exams related to the first semester, till the march 2013 session  (31.03.2013) and have the best evaluation.

Only for what concern the students of Medicine and Surgery Faculty it could be considered as well the stage ECTS. Free or not ECTS, validated from other careers will be not considered. Also for only one ECTS students are excluded from the award.

For further information please visit UNIMOL website.

Please find enclosed the flier on study awards.

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