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The action is finalised to involve all the ERASMUS students in the University life in UNIMOL.

For this reason the action aims to organise travels for the foreign students in order to facilitate the mutual knowledge.

In February a first travel with the students in Firenze and Pisa was organised with the objective of let them know the tourist and artistic place in Italy, in order to promote the integration between UNIMOL students and ERASMUS students that are host at UNIMOL.

Helped by volunteer students some other excursions will be organized during the second semester in Molise in order to let to the ERASMUS know the tourist and artistic place in Molise.

UNIMOL students are organising and promoting several informal meetings for the foreign students in Campobasso. At the basis of the meetings  the UNIMOL students have identified for each ERASMUS students two UNIMOL students that will support the foreign students  during the university life (i.e. exam reservation, services in the territory, tutoring,…)

On the basis and in cooperation with the Italian for foreign course teacher, that is actually in progress, UNIMOL students will support ERASMUS students also for the preparation of short presentations in Italian, that are part of the Italian course.

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